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Cheil Worldwide has named Jordan Waid as Executive Creative Director at Mind Design Laboratory (MD Lab), the Munich-based design house and innovation lab specialized in integrated 360º brand experience. About 25 international designers, each of whom specialized in architecture, interior and content, provide services for many clients with Samsung Electronics being the largest global account.

Jordan most recently worked at the integrated advertising agency, Inferno in London working with such accounts as SAB Miller, Nokia and Purina. Before that, he was with Imagination, an independent creative agency in London. He was Creative Director for the agency’s largest global account, Ford of Europe, and led teams of creatives from graphic and 3D design, digital and social media, film and content strategy, internal communications and live event to create compelling experiences to raise brand awareness. His work ranges from retail, advertising, experiential campaigns, exhibitions, VIP events and launches, through to PR activity and sponsorship such as UEFA Champions League. He previously held creative head and director positions for agencies in London and New York, including LIVE (Omnicom), MTM, and Gruzen Samton Architects.

Cheil Worldwide has been pushing hard to further strengthen brand experience which gives it an integrated shape and allows it to create work that goes beyond traditional advertising. The hire of Jordan, whose expertise lies in multi-disciplinary brand experience and its relation to advertising, demonstrates Cheil’s resolution to create highly impactful and attractive communication and design solutions.

Commenting on Jordan’s appointment, Jaesan Kim, Head of Brand Experience Group at Cheil Worldwide HQ, said: “Jordan is a creative specialist in brand experience and an expert in integrated multi-disciplinary creative process. With a unique background of design, media, and filmmaking, his professional career amazingly covers a wide range of brand experience from architecture, film, and digital to graphic, retail and advertising. This allows him to challenge communication models with fresh ideas that engage at all levels and touch points. I am confident Jordan will bring valuable experience and expertise to our team and ultimately, to our clients.”

Jordan added, “Cheil Worldwide is an amazing company, with a brilliant network, a fantastic vision and MD Lab is perfectly placed to help Cheil ‘invent the future’. This will be done through design, retail and brand experience – by incorporating the agency ethos of being unavoidably integrated with ideas that move. Unlike most innovation labs, MD Lab is equipped with a core design team and a global marketing communications network, enabling us to take brand experience to a whole new level and ensure that the ideas become reality.

We are in the business of creating memories through engaging experiences. The first plan which has begun is to rapidly expand the capabilities into an unparalleled integrated creative offering that clients will thoroughly enjoy the benefits of culturally and commercially. We will be able to offer original communication solutions that are media agnostic and work through any and all communication channels, further enhanced by a strong social media strategy.


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