[news] Howell Wong, 제일기획의 동남아RHQ의 새 디지털 리더 | 제일기획 블로그 본문으로 바로가기


Cheil Worldwide’s Southeast Asia HQ has named Howell Wong as a new Regional Head of Digital to lead and inspire the regional team on digital projects.

Howell joins Cheil from Nokia UK, where he was leading the global digital campaigns for a product portfolio. His innovative approaches helped Nokia penetrate the youth market and re-capture some of their market share in key territories. Howell’s most significant achievements include the digital introduction of “Nokia Asha” worldwide, roll out of the industry’s first viral interactive video, deployment of a social media monitoring process and a few other major projects that sell services in after-sales channel.

Prior to that he held senior roles in eCommerce, customer experience design and luxury after-sales.

Commenting on Howell’s appointment, CS Park, President & Head of Regional HQ of Cheil Worldwide, added,
 “Howell brings with him a diverse range of expertise that Cheil will develop in this region. Cheil is excited to bring Howell into the network to develop its digital capabilities and e-commerce. Our creativity and thought-leadership in digital marketing is globally recognised. A range of our award-winning campaigns are well known for our digital innovation that spanned offline, online and mobile. I believe Howell’s expertise and experience will be a great contribution to Cheil as well as our valued clients. ”

Howell says
“It’s a challenging start for me to have moved thousand miles away and working in a totally different environment. However I love a Korean word “Tuhon” which is constantly used in Cheil and translates to “Never give up” or “achieving the impossible”. I find this attitude very close to my heart and I believe with the great team here, nothing is impossible for us.”

Howell is also co-founder of two start-up companies and received his Executive MBA from Imperial College, London


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